How do I reset a Cable Node?

Using the red jumper procedure, you can reset a cable node and do a battery charge test

  1. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, removed the 3 screws on the top of the node.
  2. Inside the node enclosure, the red jumper is located on one of two pins.  To deactivate the node to charge it, place the jumper on both pins.
  3. Replace the node cover and screws.  Leaving the node in position, it will require a few days to fully charge.
  4. When returning to the node after charging, repeat the node cover removal procedure.  Remove the jumper from both pins and return it to original position on one pin only.
  5. Replace the node cover and screws.
  6. Upon successful node reactivation, contact your OPIsystems Customer Success rep to confirm the node is in operation.