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How do I troubleshoot a non working/reading Temperature/ Moisture cable

This article will walk you through the procedure of troubleshooting a non working/reading temperature/moisture cable

The following are some troubleshooting steps:

  • Check for loose connections or bad connectors, including connections inside the cable node, if cable connected to a cable node
  • check for pinched interconnect cable or open/short circuited wires. A multitester (voltmeter) would be of great help determining if there are open wires and/or short circuited wires.
  • check for bad temperature/moisture cable. A Stormax hand-held monitor would be of the greatest help as you can read the cable at every connection point, and most importantly, at the cable's head (pig tail coming out of the cables' head)
  • Check for bad channel: if all the previous have been ruled out, move the temp/moisture cable to a different position (preferably a free position on the cable node connector terminal and unmap and remap the corresponding cable node, then
    • check if the cable shows up on the new channel and
      • if it does, then associate this "new" cable to the position of the "missing" cable. 
      • If it doesn't then let us know or give us a call as further troubleshooting (maybe cable replacement) will be needed.