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Release v4.13.0 (February 2, 2021)

Change log of OPI Blue upgrades, changes, and fixes

  • [Fixed] Incorrectly saved cable positions when mapping cables to bins
  • [Removed] Consolidate API endpoints for plenum_sensors & weather_stations into the inputs endpoint
  • [Removed] Consolidate the asset control settings endpoint into the assets endpoints
  • [Updated] Unnest the API endpoint for available node outputs
  • [Updated] Use consistent language for referring to the grain kind (was sometimes called grain type instead)
  • [Upgrade] Implement new user authentication framework
    • Users who have not logged in within the last year will have their passwords scrambled
    • Users can now change their login email
    • Confirmation emails are now single-use
    • Password reset emails are now single-use
    • Password resets now trigger a notification email
  • [Upgrade] Website can now display multiple system notifications when needed