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Release v4.17.0 (April 6, 2021)

Change log of OPI Blue upgrades, changes, and fixes

  • [Added] Added a 30 minute "idle timer" where the site will pause after 30 minutes of no activity
  • [Added] The time that mapping/unmapping requests are sent is now stored to the database for more accurate timers & easier troubleshooting
  • [Added] API errors are now sent back as JSON objects with more detailed information. E.g.
    • When failing to delete a bin, a list of all the attached equipment to be removed is sent back
    • When failing to set an automated control mode, a list of the missing equipment is sent back
  • [Fixed] Active alarms should no longer show up in bin historical alarms
  • [Fixed] Fixed bug where the sidebar was inaccessible on certain screen widths
  • [Updated] Replace the system settings gateway graphic with a v2 gateway version