Where do I connect a Weather Station if an OPIBLUE system has no fan control?

This article will instruct on where to connect a Weather Station for an OPIBLUE system with no fan control

If OPIBLUE system has no fan control, then, the weather station (W.S.) has to be connected to a cable node as a regular temperature/moisture cable, keeping in mind the W.S. install recommendations (bluemanual-cloud.pdf found in the menu section of an OPIBLUE Cloud account, p. 32):


"Weather Station (ORHT) Note: The Weather Station (ORHT) comes with 100’ (30 meters) of INT2 cable for connection into a Fan Node Enclosure. It should be connected into the Fan Node in the Fan Node Enclosure, or to a cable node if no fan control, with your OPI Blue Cloud system. The Weather Station (ORHT) measures ambient temperature and relative humidity that is used to determine the Equilibrium Moisture Content of the ambient air. You will want to install the Weather Station near the bins/silos in an unobstructed area. It should not be located in a shaded area, or an area that is too close to the bins/silos that it gets influenced by the heat emitted from the fans and/or heaters when they are running. Also, do not install it directly on a bin roof or wall as the radiated heat from the surface can alter temperature values."