New OPI Moisture Cable - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ will answer common questions about your new OPI Moisture Cable


  1. Question: I have just installed an OPI Blue system, or new OPI Blue hardware, and my Moisture Cables are reporting error codes on
    1. Answer: OPI Blue systems and hardware will be automatically updated to support the new Moisture Cable, but may require up to 3 hours to download and activate the updates.
  2. Question: How do I know if I have a new OPI Moisture Cable?
    1. Answer: new OPI Moisture Cables have a blue rubber cap, rather than the green cap used on the previous generation OPI Moisture Cable. See below picture for the new Moisture Cable.
  3. Question: Will my OPI system support the new Moisture Cable?
    1. Answer: the new Moisture Cable will be supported by all current OPI systems, including Integris, StorMax, and OPI Blue. Integris and StorMax systems will require firmware updates to support the new Moisture Cable. Further information can be found here:
      1. Integris Upgrade for new Moisture Cable
      2. StorMax Upgrade for new OPI Moisture Cable
  4. Question: What are the benefits of the new Moisture Cable?
    1. Answer: The new OPI Moisture Cable includes new, higher accuracy, sensors to provide more accurate calculation of moisture content.
  5. Question: Will the new Moisture Cable work with my RVS1 RTU?
    1. Answer: Unfortunately no, the new Moisture Cable will not work with the RVS1 RTU.