What's new in StorMax firmware 4?

Learn more about changes and improvements in the new StorMax firmware

StorMax firmware 4 introduces support for OPI's new Moisture Cable. More information about this new product can be found at the following links:

Please see the following link for information about upgrading your StorMax monitor with this new firmware:

In addition to support for the new Moisture cable, you may also notice the following changes:

  • Demo site has been removed to enable support for the new Moisture Cable. This means the Demo site will no longer appear in the Site List and can no longer be turned on or off through the menus.

Note: after a configuration restore you may notice the Demo site will re-appear until the monitor has been rebooted.

  • After upgrade from firmware 3 to firmware 4 you may notice measurement data missing until you've connected each of your programmed cables. Once you've connected each of your programmed cables measurement data will display as expected.